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I.... haven't updated for so long.
Mostly because I have nothing to say.

For those of you still waiting for ministry story part 2, don't wait. I was writing it a couple of weeks ago, then I realised that it's not interesting at all, and I had forgotten a lot of the details anyway.
So part 1 was much better, just stick with that.

Speaking of which, I found the lost protective foam for my iPod earphones. Apparently, it was in pocket of another one of my jackets, and I had never taken it with me to begin with.

Also, there was a tornado in this area earlier today. Not that you care.

And uhhhh, I started "playing" ProgressQuest. It's an amazing (and stupid) game.
Check out my current status

Oh yeah, I got a new apartment.
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Aww, PQ deleted my user. Although, I haven't played it in about a year and a half. Time to start again...

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