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Why do I bother?

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It seems fair to say that each time I want to attempt developing with Linux, I have forgotten all the pain it caused the previous time. Once again I got the urge, and once again I'm left jaw agape, completely befuddled and wondering why I'd put myself through *THAT* again.

Sure, it feels good having my project running like a charm on both Win32 and OSX, so naturally I thought, "Well I'll give Linux a try again. People say Ubuntu is soooooo good these days. Hmmm, okay that settles it."

While I admit the basic install for the OS was pretty painless, the fact is that nothing for development was installed by default. Only the common desktop apps were to be found. So I gave in, yet again, and started the tedious task of tracking down all the crap I'd need.

Much later, after all the googling and apt-get'ing I should have had everything. Bear in mind that I rather dislike using the commnand line. Some people love it, but I swear somebody once told me this is the twenty first century, and in my opinion, I should have a GUI to do everything. Typing poorly named commands and even worse package titles is just so 70's style. But I digress.

The bright spot in using all that junk was Eclipse. It took three steps to have it running...
1) Download archive
2) Unpack archive
3) Double click eclipse icon
It doesn't get any better than that in terms of expected results.

Okay, let the real pain begin. Next comes endless lib searches and all sorts of nasty linker errors from the eclipse C/C++ perspective. Sigh, I'm thinking to myself, "I could solve these problems with little to no effort in Win32 or OSX." But an hour later, even after I tracked down all the function containing libs, I sit here with a nebulous *** [App] Error 1. That kills it folks... Screw Linux. Again.

Last time it was Mandrake and KDevelop that refused to work correctly. The time before that it was ummm... Mandrake and Anjuta. The time before that it was RedHat and something-or-other. I don't even *like* Linux in the first place for crying outloud!

For a few shining moments two days ago, I thought it would be cool to have my game running on Linux. Now, once again, I remember why I chose NOT to continue that effort many times before. Sheesh, if I was going to throw away two days worth of my free time on something that produced nothing, I'd have plopped myself down in front of the TV.
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Sheesh, if I was going to throw away two days worth of my free time on something that produced nothing, I'd have plopped myself down in front of the TV.


All kidding aside, I tried developing for linux once. I stopped after 30 minutes. And yes, lib pains are a pain in teh ARSENINE!

And I'm one of those hardcore command line users :p

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Never mind that I think Ubuntu (and for that matter most Linux apps ex. Gimp) are the most laughable names I've seen attached to software.

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