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Bugs and more bugs

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So I updated my SDL/GL base code framework and decided to move Dodecahellspawn to the framework to see how it turned out. The interesting part of the transition is that the state system got moved to a run and return successor type system to a system direct modification of the held state by the sub states. The migration was straightforward but some of the state classes that were put together by aggregation had to be modified since the sub states directly modified their holders. But then again, the way that the sub states interacted in the run and return successor version was something of a hack to begin with.

But that isn't the part that made me wonder why the original program worked. That's when I realized that my project/unproject code was using radians when it should have been using degrees. And when I fixed that about half of the states broke. After redoing the code for each of those from first prinicples I still have no idea how it worked originally. With the original code it shouldn't have been getting the depth information from the depth buffer properly, but it did. Very very odd.
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