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How to open beers without beer opening implements

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OK So here is my first official tutorial:

Its 11:30pm, saturday night, I'm in at home. . not really been coding or anything just bummin about on the internet.

Thought i'd have a few beers. . All I've got are coronas (Which doesnt bother me one bit. . . best beers under the sun!)

But they dont have a twist-top, so you need a bottle opener.

Its pretty simple really: use a small flat-head screwdriver to bend the side up a little bit, then grab those needle-nose pliers i know you all have (c'mon . . we're nerds. . admit it) and twist the top up and over. . .

Done :)

After a few more I may or may not stab my hand with the screwdriver while trying to open the bottle.
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unfortunately Dr. Pepper is no longer available in Australia :( (hasnt been for years)

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Or if you smoke or have some one in your house hold that does, you can securley hold the neck of the bottle in your less dominant hand, your index finger should be just at the top of the lid. Now, with a lighter in your dominant hand ( a bic lighter is the best, the cheap ones are a little scary because if you puncture the lighter, KABLOOMO! So still be careful even if you are using a bic) with the striker end facing away from the bottle, place the flat end of the lighter, wedging it between your index finger and the edge of the bottle cap. Make sure the lighter has a grip, and then press down on the other end of the lighter. This works very well. If done right, you can make the lid fly some ten to fifteen feet and it will make a loud poping noise. If you fail to use this trick, you can also use the ledge of a table. See, you get more then liver disease from being a grade school alchoholic, knowledge. Learning is fun, because knowledge is power. They also make for interesting party tricks. It may take a while to master the lighter trick, so make sure you practice.

DecipherOne does not condone underage drinking, remember drink responsibly.

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Heh I'll keep that in mind. . .

As for the hitting it on the edge of a table. . . i've tried that one before. . . ended up smashing half the neck off the bottle

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