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Some user interface stuff...

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The plan for today is to improve the user interface of the game. I have two things already in mind:

- Add a marker to show if a unit has moved yet.

- When the mouse is over a unit, provide info for that unit at the bottom of the screen.

Any more suggestions would be appreciated.

In other news, The new Advance Wars got a good review. According to gamespot it is the best DS game so far. That's good news, because I plan to buy it this week. Advance wars was my first game for the GBA, and still my favorite. It is probably the reason why I'm making a Turn-based strategy game now.
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Damn, that makes me wish I had a DS. Advance Wars 1&2 are two of my favorite games of all time.

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I remember when I first got AW, I played it for months. It's kindof funny though, for a handheld game, I played it most of the time at home.

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