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Mexican Motor Mafia

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This is the game that all indies should aspire to. Killer graphics, awesome atmosphere, and a damn fun Elite-style resource-management and trade sub-game. It's also under regular development, and it deserves your damn money!

In Freezer 2 news: You can now aim at things with a cool gun cursor. NPCs coming soon. Also, there are animated water tiles but the game doesn't do anything funky when you walk into the water. I might just make it so you can't walk into the water or something.

I also added guns with randomized spread and multiple projectiles. So you can now have a Contra-style three way shot or a realistic minigun. Currently I use it for the shotgun, which pumps out a decent spread of shredders every time you pull the trigger. It also blasts out a nice sound effect.

Considering further destructive abilities for your weapons; it would be awesome to have tiles (such as windows) which can be shot and destroyed.
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