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More UI stuff

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So while I was lying in bed half asleep this morning, I had the bright idea of using the H1 HTML element to enable sidenotes and add a pit of panache to my journal. This should work because H* seems to be one of the few elements that isn't blocked. I've just added some CSS to create block elements. You can view the CSS of my journal here.
My ui design/development over the past few days has been a big wrestling match of indecision. I've made design changes, only to discover that, although theoretically good, they make the code more complex and less maintainable. I believe I've finally settled on a good interface, so I've started working on my first basic widgets. The image widget is going to be the building block for most other widgets, with the exception of textual widgets.

I've also been sorting out the cache system. I had already constructed a functional model, but it didn't provide for easy sharing of cached data formats across source files. So I've started a cache format specification with headers for each basic sig/data format. The first format is for storing OpenGL textures derived from the image resources. This is necessary for the vid_ui_image rendering function so that it can avoid reloading the texture from the image every time its called. It should encourage sharing of cached data with other functions and general simplification.

I'm hopeful that I'll have a screenshot of my first widget within a couple days.
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I really like that side box. It'd be useful for displaying thumbnails or code examples without breaking the flow of the text. Like (see figure 2)
figure 2
Monkey in a tree

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