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GTL Part 5 : TGA and more

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So, after a bit of hunting about basic TGA support is in... kinda.

It supports uncompressed/RLE'd data however the compressed/RLE stuff doesnt want to work atm. I've spend the best part of the day fighting with it and I cant see why it isnt working, something must be insane in my decoding but atm I cant see it for the life of me. Hopefully a break/sleep will help..

I've also fixed a minor bug in the PNG loader (if the buffer isnt a multiple of the image row lenght things might have gone wonky) and I've recoded the JPG loader to work in much the same way.

I've also fixed a minor bug in the file name id'ing code which sets up the correct filter for the stream [grin]

So, things are progressing nicely, I might knock RLE TGA's on the head for tonight and get a basic DDS loader working.

What I really need todo is find a library which definately decodes RLE TGA's correctly, so I can compare and contrast the code.
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Have a look at the Irrlicht image code, it's clean and it works - should be a decent base for what you want to do.

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