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The war is over.

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Morning Everyone,

As of Sunday, Aug 21, 2005; Morning's Wrath has reached Gold Version 1.0

David McGraw (a.k.a ildave1), has beatent MW(again =D), without any major hitches.

Quite a joyus day that is for certain =)

There are still areas of the game that, 'could be better', but one has to draw the line somewhere, we could spend an eternity trying to make MW 'perfect' while of course, nothing is perfect.

So what about the Indipendant Games Festival?
I will be submitting MW some time this week. Being a subscriber of Murphey's Law, I still want as much time as possible to check for bugs.

If there is anyone who would like to be a tester and will play the game from start to finish as soon as possible reply here and I might choose you. (previous testers prefered)

So what is next, oh fearless leader?

First we gonna get mooseberry bush for secret rocket fuel!

er. I mean.

Our next Immediate goal is getting MW to the IGF, after that, construction of the demo version and all associated documentation.

From there it is a dash to solidify the fullfilment deal (both physical and digital) and launch the new website with the demo and the option to purchase.

After that it will be a matter of promoting MW, depending on the success of initial sales, we may have advertizing on certain websites, but the more likely path is that we will submit MW for review on certain Indie and Relevant game sites.

I suppose after about two months of hard marketing, we will all settle down a bit, everyone on the team is in for a much needed vacation =D

I will be writing a post-mortem which hopefully will be featured here on GDNet.

Depending on how MW did, how the existing team feels, how I feel, we might just be ready to start another game in March 2006 (we started real development on MW march 2004), but this is just speculation =D

While MW is left somewhat open-ended by defenition, a sequel is very likely. However! We won't be doing MW2 for our next game ;D

We are all filled up of the medievil fantasy genre for the moment, we need to rotate our crops, least the soil go bad =D

What will our next game be?
Who will design it?
Will the same team be doing it?

All unknown questions, but certainly interesting to contemplate =)

It is likely that my journal will primarily revolve around web-design, marketing, and other such things, as we prepare to enter our next phase.

The End. (for now =D)
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Congratulations to you and the whole team! Good luck with the IGF and marketting for MW, I'm sure whatever your next project is will be great to follow along with as well, and I'm looking forward to seeing that MW postmortem. [smile]

I'd certainly be willing to help out with testing if you're interested, but I'm sure you'll be getting similar offers from loads of people.

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Thanks for the comments =D

I would be willing to let you test, if and only if you swear under pain of death and no more pie or caek,that you will dedicate lots of time testing it. Testers in the past have been very inconsistant. We are planning to send MW to the IGF this week, so ~4 to ~5 hours a day testing would be ideal (this is what our good testers do), it has been estimated that a new player is likely to take about a week to beat it, depending on thier skill.

So, if you would like this oppourtunity IM me around 6pm Eastern Time, Aim SN: EtherealDarknes (yes, only one 'S' =D)

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First we gonna get mooseberry bush for secret rocket fuel!
Pfft. You may get the mooseberry bush, but you'll never get Captain Peter Peachfuzz to give you the formula for hush-a-boom.

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.... but you'll never get Captain Peter Peachfuzz to give you the formula for hush-a-boom.

.... Whoah ....

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Damnit, a carcrash took out my phoneline all morning. Ah well, good luck with it in any case.

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