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So, I've never considered myself much of an artist.

(Thought given that I did 90% of the artwork for Morning's Wrath, lots of people tend to disagree with me.)

On paper, my drawing absolutely sucks, unless it is somthing very in-organic, and even then it's not great.

I can model pretty well, but again, mainly in-organic things, thought i've gotten better =D

Every so often I get an urge to do some pixel art.

With MW reaching it's gold stage I got an urge =D

It's pretty bad pixel art, but pretty good for it being my pixel art lol.

It was all done with MSPaint's pencil tool, even the text =D

What do you think? =)

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Wow! That is freaking awsome for MSPAINT && a PENCIL. NUTS. Expecially for programmer art. lol

Looks very good and I have no recommendations to report at this time, SIR!

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It just takes practice =)

just try and try and try, make mistakes, learn from them, do better next time =)

the one thing I have found to be the most cripling to learning and progress is:

The fear of making mistakes.

I'm sure everyone has said this now and again:

"Why bother, It's not going to work anyway."

And with that, you've defeated yourself before you even try =)

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