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Degree's or Degree

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Well, Day 1 went pretty good besides the fact that I can now tack on the fact that I walked about a mile and a half in POURING rain. Wow, I wish I had a camera to take a picture of myself SOAKEN-WET, leaving a puddle under my desk... =oP

I thought a LOT about my Majors today. I am totally in a mind-bind in deciding what I want to duel major in. Here is my considerations, which I WILL choose one. Money isn't really an option due to the fact that I have the G.I. bill.

1: Computer Science && Business : +1 yr extra
2: Computer Science && Mathematics : No extra time
3: Computer Science && @#$* anything else : No extra time
4: Drop college, run away and be a stripper : -4 yr

Option 1:
I really like the idea of the Business degree because I would love to someday run my own company and I believe having a degree would introduce me into 'needed' concepts to successfully run/manage one. This would add 1 year to my degree time.

Option 2:
Let's just say, I do not -hate- mathematics, but rather, I really lack the skill within the field, which in turn makes it a rather difficult task. I personally believe, if I want to be good at what I want to do, game development, I -NEED- to better myself at problem solving/logic, which is what I would most certainly gain from a Mathematics degree.

Option 3:
Not even an option, I feel like I'm not pulling enough from my college experience by just settling for one degree when I could broaden my options with a secondary degree.

Option 4:
That could be fun....

Don't think I still haven't been at it, though this journal should document a project, however, I am still learning the intertwining features of the Allegro library, looking at good/bad code, and still trying to think about what I want to do with it.


Well Im out, and I am open for suggestions for the degree's, so feel free, whether you know me or not, to leave a post about it.

Expecially if you know anybody that is IN game development WITH both of these degrees, leave a post. I would like to know their perspective, first hand.

I would like to get in touch with industry developers, would anyone know the best way to do that? IGDA.org?

Take Care all!

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I would like to get in touch with industry developers, would anyone know the best way to do that? IGDA.org?
Yep. Go to a few IGDA meetings.

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