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Lego Star Wars

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The big rip-off...

The game-play / engine that I've been trying to mimic is found in that most wonderful game, Lego Star Wars. What a fun game. There is so much I like about this game I just don't know where to start. Go play it if you haven't already.

So far I've done basic character movements and shadows. The LSW cameras really make the game, in my opinion, and I'll be working on those once I get through with scene collision. Today I added the shadows, reflections, and vertical collision. There are two shadow quads that are linked to the characters feet joints. Two rays are cast from those bones to find the Y value of the scene mesh below. This appears to be the way LSW implemented them.

Screw the research...

I'm making a game. No more fooling around. I'm not quite sure how many people have analog joysticks on their PCs but this game's probably going to require one. Maybe I could work out keyboard controls, but that would probably be lame by comparison.

Right now I'm using the Troll since he looks nice and I own him but I don't know if he'll be in the game. Once I get a demo level complete I'll think about where I'm going to go with it. The thing about Lego Star Wars is that it already has a proven story behind it. It'd be cool if I could get permission to do a Lego Lord of the Rings or something similar. [smile] - Yeah right!

Flash Movie...

I'll be posting flash movies from time to time. I'll try to keep the file sizes small < 1mb. Here is one of the character jumping on some boxes and generally being a jumping monkey. Click the picture to view. (580kb) - I'm guess I'm going to have to register Fraps soon. [grin]

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All I gotta say is, the very idea of Lego + Star Wars gives me happy chills. I've never even heard of this game before, but now I must play it. Somehow.

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Thanks Rob. I know it's usual. But it's still really nice to hear. [cool] OMG where did your GDNet+ go!?

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