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me VS layout managers

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Nodes finally have names :)

This came at the end of a long struggle, which started with a simple desire for me to have a pop-up toolbar on the right side where you can edit details about a node (such as its name). During the process, I ended up having to learn way more than I ever wanted to know about the interaction between Java components, containers, and layout managers. Here's what I learned:
#1 Layout managers are a good idea
#2 Java's selection of layout managers is crap
#3 The only decent general-purpose layout manager is SpringLayout
#4 SpringLayout hardly ever does what you want, you need to understand how it works internally in order to make it do what you want
#5 What the hell is the point of having a class if I need to understand how it works internally
#6 I'm going to roll my own general-purpose layout manager

But not today. I'm going back to getting real features done before I start fighting the GUI again. No doubt that I could spend weeks fiddling with Swing.

Also I did a TON of refactoring. And I deleted some abandoned source code, bringing my lines of code down to 3900 :(
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