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Well, windows blew itself up today, all but making the hard-drive unreadable. How it managed that I'll never know. No repair of safe mode would work so I was forced to reinstall windows again... losing all of my current game projects and email.

Not happy.

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Man, that's horrible. Sorry to hear it. Same thing happened to me a few months back so I feel your pain.

But on the brighter side of things, my engine is turning out a lot better than it would have if I had kept heading down the path I was on.

This time around, you'll just be that much better at it! Besides, I'm sure you'll have a backup from here on out :).

Good luck getting all caught up.

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losing all of my current game projects and email.

I'm sorry to hear that but... no backups ? If so you have learned a valuable lesson today.

You wouldn't believe how careful i am now. At any time i have:

- a copy of my recent work on my USB key (1 day old at worse)
- a copy of my work on my work machine - some of the projects are even backuped on different hard drives (a few days old)
- a copy of my work on my two home machines (a few days)
- two or three backups on CDs (these are pretty old now)
- one copy on my parent's computer (1 year old)

You better have more backups than needed, than needing a backup and not having it :)

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Yep, keeping a backup is standard practice and while i'm not the best at doing it, I am pretty good. The main problem is that I have not been using this computer much, most of my work was on my laptop. Last week I had to return to my laptop to my last employer and so I did a big transfer and I have most things on CDs. Unfortunately, a lot of that is stuff that I have stopped working on so it is archival. The last week or so of stuff, while not massive, was my game! :(

Not that there was much to it, but it does mean that I have to start again <sigh>

I guess you're right and I'll just have to be more dilligent with my backups [smile]

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