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Patterns, The Future, and Miscellaneous Things.

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Some people (namely Promit and Coder) wanted me to cover patterns some more, so I shall. They wanted me to cover two specific areas of patterns, those being: What are patterns? How does one identify what patterns to refactor to? Now, these two topics aren't unrelated, however they are just disjoint enough to make it difficult to combine the two into a single series on both. So instead, I'm going to try and cover each separately, and maybe incorporate parts of each into the other. This should, hopefully, enable me to cover it in much more depth than trying to do both at once.

The Future
As you may have noticed, I've been remiss in my duties, which includes updating my journal. This is mostly because I've been rather busy working on things, one of which includes a project that might interest some of you (although, considering the lack of reader response...I can't really tell), however that is all I shall say on the topic of that project... for now. As far as updating goes, I'm going to try and make time to regularly update this journal from this point forward. However, if you have a topic you wish discussed, please PM me, otherwise I don't know what YOU want to hear.

Miscellaneous Things
There is a chance, a small one but growing, that I might move this journal offsite. As you may have noticed, there is now an RSS aggregate of the journals, so I may just pull from that, assuming I can get Superpig to alter the RSS feed code just a bit.
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I may not respond often but you know I read these articles a few times over each. I look forward to the upcoming talk on patterns and refactoring.

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I'm also looking forward to this topic. This is what gave me the idea (no matter how misguided) to think up that comunity project idea. One of the things to learn from it was, to do an enitre system completely screwed up, then actually apply refactoring to produce something more coherent.

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