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Why was the internet language created?

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I think it should be retitled "Why are internet people so lazy?". Seriously, why would you type '2' instead of 'two' or 'to'? Wow, I shaved a good second off of my typing there. Really dodged a bullet. I'm in the midst of a 'insult battle' because I corrected some guy because he said 'your gay' to some other guy. I politely said: "Wow, #USERB#, how much did gay cost you?" Of course both of them were dumbfounded. Once I explained it to them, they started insulting away with weak lines like "Programmer16s gay" and "wow, u r virgin"(actual quotes.)

Am I the only person that doesn't understand this (even my geeky neice picks on me for spelling everything out correctly on the internet)? Of course, I type fast enough that it doesn't really matter to me. And, I'm looking at it from the perspective of a person that's going to be at the computer for the rest of his life (hopefully.) So, typing "someone" instead of "some1" doesn't really matter to me. Opinions?
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Well, I won't lie...I went through that phase when I was about 14 -- until I realized it made me look totally unprofessional, and made everything I, whether it was right or not, non-legitimate. Just ignore those people, you can't win. People normally get the most defensive when you insult their intelligence, and since most people were not taught proper grammar (how many people do you hear say "good" after the question "how are you doing?" -- I would bet almost 90%), so being corrected on your grammar can be extremely embaressing.

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Indeed... I used to enjoy in verbally bashing those people years ago when the Web was young and innocent (well... there was less porn back then). I still do to some degree and I can assure you that you can win with these people. Keep pointing out their obvious grammar and spelling flaws, they will eventually skulk off and hopefully learn something.

This was how I learned that I had language problems (as most people do), being embarrassed enough to actually learn from my mistakes.

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