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Ready. Set. Go!

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So I submitted my form for the IGF yesterday, and paid my $95.00

I have before Sept 6th to upload MW to the site.

It needs to have an un/installer, Seriema has helped me in setting up a basic NullSoft installer, which should make things nice and painless.

I am curently working to finish the documentation, which will be in HTML format.

that, combined with writing up of the EULA, ReadMe.txt, and all of the other legalities, i've got my work cut out for me =D
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Yeah, Nullsoft's a nice easy installer. That's what I used for Duck Tiles. Be sure you clean up nicely, removing any registry stuff, etc.

Also, don't just tack some stuff on the default script. Don't have a "complete/custom" install option if there aren't any optional components. I see that often, and it just looks silly.

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