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I do too.

I was wondering. How much HTML is allowed in your skin code?

I'm basically asking because I want to put my journal on thecodezone.com (click on the duck to see the current effort), but I'm not completely happy with it right now. I originally had the entire page loaded as a sub-section of the page, but it took forever to load and stuffed the whole page into a little 700x500 box.

I've now got it loading as RSS-data being shown in a Flash text-box. It loads very quickly, but it's text-only and doesn't show all of the text (because gamedev's RSS articles only show a portion of journal entries), and you don't have access to old articles unless you click 'em to jump to gamedev.

I was wondering if I could put my SWF menu above my journal entries (same place you've got your Morning's Wrath pictures). Then I could just have my page jump to gamedev and people would see the Flash menu if they wanted to jump back to thecodezone.com.

If it's filtering the HTML, it probably won't work, as embedding Flash movies requires the <object> tag, which gamedev's HTML filter doesn't do.

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As far as quantity of HTML goes I am not sure.

It seems to me, aside from the normal filtering, you can do what you want just as long as it isn't seen as abuse, etc.

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