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So I just got my tax ID for my sole proprietership =D
Quite exciting =)

I spoke with Valley Marketing again today, and we went over some further details on the new EDIGames store (soon to be EDIStuff.com), and the packaging.

We are still planning for an Oct1 roll-out, at the moment it seems very feasable, with the two largest barriers being the demo verion of MW and the new site.

We are leaning more twoards slim DVD cases for normal distribution, since they are cool and the current art is already in the proper aspect ratio.

We are also considering a metal tin, which is apparently very affordable, and is also kinda cool.

(the ones we have, have an insert which holds the cd (not shown))

If you were going to buy a physical copy of Morning's Wrath, what would you like it in?
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Looks like things are coming along smoothly!

If I were to buy a copy of the game, I think i would much rather have it in a slim case rather than a tin. I've never been a fan of how a tin won't stack up with the rest of my games on a shlef in an appealing way.

Just my .02!

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The DVD case is all around a better pick, it lines up with movies and other games, and as you said, the art is perfect to fit on the dvd case.

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I think the DVD Case is a better solution overall, but I think it'd be cool if in the future there was a "Collector's Edition" which used the tin. Just a collecting hobby type thing for folks.

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Plain jewel case. Any other case will be dropped into the trash immediately after the CD is put into a plain jewel case, so you might as well save me a step.

Unless you plan to put these on store shelves yourself, don't kill yourself on the packaging. If you're gonna sell 'em by mail-order or download, your packaging is irrelevent.

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