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Yep, I jumped on the bandwagon...

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I switched to using Firefox yesterday. Now if you're wondering why I never switched before, it is quite simple. I never actually had a need to switch over. I figured there was no problem with using IE as long as it was getting the job done. However, over the past few days, IE has been crashing for unknown reasons. So, I finally decided to make the switch.

So far, I like it alot. The tab system is really nice, along with the fact that I was able to import all my IE bookmarks and such. Best of all, it doesn't crash. My only gripe with FireFox is how long pages take to load, but this isn't really much of an issue compared to the other great features FireFox has.

I haven't checked any of the plugins yet, but I'll be sure to check those soon.
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ForecastFox, ColorZilla, User Agent Switcher, Web Developer, Sage, MeasureIt

yay. Of course, ColorZilla, User Agent Switcher, Web Developer and MeasureIt are most useful if you do any sort of web design/development. but yeah. The extension system in firefox is nice. Sage is an RSS reader and ForecastFox is not a pancake.

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Be careful with the Flashblock extension Stompy. It is a great little add-on but has been crashing quite a few sites since Firefox went to 1.0.6. AdBlock should be your first addition however :-) die evil ads die!!!!

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Yeah, the tabbed browsing on firefox is really useful. I have the FoxyTunes plugin, its a toolbar that shows what music you're playing and has buttons to play, pause etc.

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A great extension for FireFox is StumbleUpon.

If you're ever bored, you just click the "Stumble!" button, and it takes you to a random webpage. Surprisingly, all the websites it takes you to a pretty awsome. Definately give it a try.

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