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Animated avatars!

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I was deeply saddened when I discovered that animated avatars aren't allowed. This time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using my newfound GDNet+ powers, I successfully circumvented this restriction within the confines of my journal (where the laws of the universe have no meaning). Now, all of my journal comments feature an animated avatar! Not the entries, since they don't come with avatars anyway. If you too want an animated avatar when posting to my journal, PM me a link to your avatar and I'll add you to the CSS.

As far as real work goes... well, it doesn't go very far at all. I've still been playing with my cache interface. I've got a good separation between signatures (which differentiate cached data) and data formats. Actually, I'm just sort of avoiding the real work - rendering image widgets. Not that it'll be hard or anything; just that it'll take a bit of thought. After working all day, I don't feel like thinking much. Fortunately, I only have two days of work left and then I'll be free for the next week or two before school starts.
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