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OMG First Recitation Tomorrow!

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So tomorrow I have to...host?...my first recitation for the class I'm TA'ing. Now, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I'm really not the 'stand-up-in-front-of-people-and-talk' sort of person, so I'm pretty nervous. Fortunately tomorrow all I really have to do is hand out a quiz the teacher made up to make sure they have all the prerequisite knowledge for the class. Then I let them take it for 10 or 15 minutes, then collect it (I assume), and go over it in class to make sure everyone understands all the stuff. Being a first year CS math course, this means the test is pretty much basic algebra, easy stuff. After that she (the professor for the class) is going to give a short lecture on some preliminary stuff.

So I guess I couldn't ask for a much better first recitation for me to kind of ease into doing them, but still a little unsure. Today was the first lecture day, which of course I'm required to also attend, so I was introduced to the class. They're all first or second year CS students of course, and they seem like a pretty cool bunch, so that relieved some of the stress. I forgot that I was going to be teaching mostly people who are several years younger than I am.

Anyway, I'll probably update again saying how everything went, and probably update more often now that I actually have an interesting job just for the heck of it hehe.
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I'm the same way as you - public speaking, etc. I taught music at a local college one semester. It was a great confidence builder. Good luck. [smile]

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Heh. I know how you feel. I'm the President of the Student Game Developers Assocation at my college, I've never had to do so much public speaking before.. First few times I was terrified, not so much now, but it's fun :)

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