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2 hours to go

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Evil Steve


Well, I've got an hour or so to kill before it's worthwhile leaving for my interview at Rockstar. I've got everything I need, as far as I know. I have with me:
  • A print out from multimap.com because I don't remember Nottinghal Place joining onto Leith Street like it claims
  • A print out of the e-mail telling me what to do when I get there (Report to security at the Picardy Reception)
  • A CD with my CV and some of my work samples (I don't know if they'll want it, but I guess it's better to have it and not need it than have them ask for it)
  • 2 print outs of random source code of mine so they can look at my coding style if they want
  • A couple of things printed out from my thread to read on the bus
  • A hardcopy of my CV
    I'm sure most of it is overkill, but peh.

    And I'm wearing a new dark blue short-sleved shirt which I bought yesterday (hooray), and dark blue jeans that don't really look like jeans. Ok, you can tell they're jeans, but they look fine. I have some plain black trousers, but I barely fit into them (as I found out this morning), and I'm scared that if I sit down, the ass will go in them. They're a 28" waist, and they're designed for 14 year olds. Being almost 22, I'm amazed they fit me at all. But they look fine. Anyway, I'm gibbering.

    Well, I managed to kill 10 minutes by writing this. I'll post a new entry when I get back, although I'm going for a few drinks with friends afterwards, so I can't say when that'll be. Within the next 8 hours most likely.
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