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Working at EL

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I want to add a few things in the EL server, so I got the latest CVS yesterday.
Since none of the other developers used Windows, the windows compatibility was slightly broken, but not really that bad, it took a few minutes to fix it.
The real frustration was trying to compile it with DevC++. I got a new version to compile the client, and this version is horribly broken, to the point it won't link C programs.
So I gave CodeBlocks another chance, and managed to compile and link the program last night. But that wasn't the end of it. It existed or crashed quite a few times.
Today, after a lot of work and frustrations I finally fixed it, and now the server starts, but currently there are some issues with the client, have to get the latest CVS again.
I just love working at an MMORPG, it is so fun... not!
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