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Alright I can add to my journal again :-D

I've made tons of progress on the game lately, including adding park areas, and I'm also added streetlights, alleys, and other visuals into the game.

Check it out:

Also...for my 21st birthday I've decided to get this:

It's a replica, blank firing Beretta 92f :-D Official paperweight of Radioactive-Software. it will be here in 2 days, so I can't wait :-D

My deadline for the IGF is approaching...I'm gonna send the game out in about a week, so I'm busy wrapping things up....I'll post more about that later on.
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Those trees look pretty good for billboards.

I also like the fog, I assume there will be more weather effects later.

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Looking good, only I don't think the clip on the AK curves round that far...

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You're right.

That particular AK-47 is equipped with an extended 60 bullet magazine...for your street sweeping pleasure :-)

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Maybe you could spend a bit of time on your background/skybox ? It seems so uniform (the fog doesn't help) that, to me, it becomes the most noticeable quality problem in your scene.

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Good point about the sky....because the clouds/sky color are totally dynamic I can't display a premade skybox, given that I think it looks pretty good.

One thing I do need to add to it is a gradient, I had one in before but for some reason I took it out.

I'm just trying to make a sky on par with GTAs

Here's an image of GTA:San Andreas's sky, not much of a gradient/clounds in this shot though

As far as why I was suspended....deragatory comments about "dykes"...and posting detailed descriptions of sexual acts, including the infamous "Tony Danza" variation of the "Donkey Punch", edgy stuff.

It's a bum rap I tell ya ;-) Under the alias "Sean Connary", I thought it was kinda funny...I was trying to warn somebody why they shouldn't call their studio "Donkey Punch Productions"...I guess that wasn't the classiest way to do so.

- Dan

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