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Space station back, and new cockpit

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One of my friend, Nicolas, has been kind enough to make a small test model of a fighter cockpit. Do not mind the quality: lighting is basic and there's no textures. It's just to give an idea of a 3D cockpit. I specifically asked him to make something very lightweight that doesn't take a lot of screen space, since i feel the immersion of the player shouldn't be disturbed by the user interface. The HUD and interface will later (in months, when i'll implement the actual gameplay) be displayed on a layer over it. I've also readded the previous DS9 space station and improved the lighting a bit. The planet textures are on a "medium" resolution of 1024, so a few details (especially in the clouds) are lost at this low orbit altitude.

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Looking good, as usual.

The last set of screenshots you posted is money in the bank...looks awesome.

How close will you be able to get to the planets?

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Guest Anonymous Poster


The cockpit with the station looks really great!
I can imagine sitting there conquering the galaxy :)

> dgreen02 - Is landing on a planet close enough? :)

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How close will you be able to get to the planets?

As the AP said.. the main interest of my engine compared to other space games, is the whole planet landing ability. I want to have very nice details at the ground level, including volumetric clouds, water, vegetation, hills/mountains, cities, etc..

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Stunning, as usual.

But, as a friend of mine is saying everytime I show him my planets, "when can I see a fully-volumetric, dynamic comet?!" :D

I know you already did some work on volumetric nebulae, but a comet would also be nice ;).

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Looking better everytime you update the screen shots. Keep up the excellent work.

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Man, if you put some high quality self shadowing onto that space station... *drools*

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That's definately planed. And not only self-shadowing :) But glow/bloom/HDRI effects, and another idea that i really want to try is some kind of spherical harmonics. The planet under the station is emitting a lot of light, and my current ambient color is black. So instead i will render the environent (starfield and planets) into a cube map at the station position, blur it, and use it for my ambient colors. This means the station will appear to be lit by a kind of blue color from the underside.

But heh.. so many things to try. And this is not really urgent. I'll have to keep it in mind when i'll work on special effects in a few months.

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