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First Recitaion: Done

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Thanks for all the Good Lucks before, I think it helped :)

Here's how my day went:

First, I was pretty nervous for my first class, so naturally that means I have to get pulled over on my way up to my uni...
Not that how I feel affects my driving, but because I have a crack in my windshield...yay. Anyway, the cop was real nice about it and didn't give me a ticket or anything, just said when I can afford it I should get it fixed, which I had planned to anyway.

Anyway, so I get to class and am just standing at the front of the room behind the podium waiting for the class to show up, and I found that it wasn't as terrifying as I thought it would be. It helps that the students themselves seem pretty relaxed, a lot of them know each other and just kind of hang out and chat while waiting for class to start, which makes me feel more comfortable too.

We had a quiz today, which I got yesterday so I could go over it and know what was on it and what kind of questions to expect, so I waited a couple minutes after class was supposed to start before officially starting class, to help out those who might walk in late (and many did, even during the quiz). Then I walk to the center of the front of the class (where there happens to be a stage like thing, which I expected to make me feel even more uncomfortable but actually wasn't that bad) and basically just started talking, "Ok guys, well we have a quiz today, as you know, so I'll go ahead and pass that out, and no cacluators", and amazingly as soon as I started talking everyone got quiet and paid attention, kinda cool :).

Anyway, I let them take it for about 15 minutes (I decided to go ahead and give everyone time to finish), and when they were done I had them put them on the table at the front of the class (pretty common procedure for my uni). Then the teacher asked if there were any questions, and of course there were, so I asked if I should just go over them all from the beginning. The teacher said I could basically do whatever I wanted, so I started from the top and quickly went over most of them, and answering any further questions on the harder ones as I got to them.

Overall I was surprisingly (to me) relaxed during the whole thing, I found it to be much less stressfull than giving presentations or speaches. So even though it was an "easy" day for me, things are looking better about this job. I'm sure it will get easier as I go, and so far I'd say I owe a lot to my teacher and the students in the class, everyone just seems like real nice people and it makes for a pretty relaxed environment.

Anyway, I just got done grading the quizes and uploading the scores, which took me a little longer than I expected because I've never graded anything in my life, but I'm sure I'll get better at that too.
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Glad to see your first day in the world of teaching went so well. Soon you'll get used to it, although while teaching is a lot of fun I find it really mentally draining (which I why I'm back in pure research for a bit!).

And as for marking, just wait until you have to mark first-year programming projects. Reams and reams of paper displaying badly formatted, non-commented broken code: the horror! [grin]

Hope the rest of the teaching goes well!

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Thanks, fortunately I'm mostly there to help them understand the homework and stuff, not a lot of teaching, but I was told there may be some.

Also it's primarily a math class, so there's only a few programming assignments and they're supposed to be pretty short, hopefully that helps. But you're right, I forgot about reading new programmer's code... I remember how mine used to look... ouch. So hopefully that won't be so bad, I expect the worst to actually be the assignments later on, they may get a bit hard to follow what some people are trying to do. :)

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