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Evil Steve


Ok, I lied. I didn't update this in about 8 hours. I went out with a few friends after, so I'm updating now.

Anyway, overall, I think it went pretty well. They (There were two guys) asked me mostly about the stuff I'd written on my own, and asked questions like "So, what kind of code do you enjoy writing the most, like physics, graphics, whatever" and "What project did you enjoy most and why" (Graphics on the underlying framework stuff because with graphics you can see stuff coming together really nicely, and framework stuff you can write once and reuse). There weren't any C++ questions or "tests", which I was expecting. I'm almost a bit upset about that; I'd like to woo them with my vast knowlege of C++ :P
I also got asked "How much C++ do you know? Because we get a lot of people who just replace struct with class and think they know C++", which I replied with "Well, I know polymorphism and virtual functions, templates, the STL, constructors, destructors, etc, uhm... that's all I can think of at the moment"
"Do you actually use all of that in your projects?"
"Well, I use most of them. I don't really write much template stuff - although I'm fairly competant in doing so - I just haven't had the need really"

One of the guys said he'd been on "the site" (I guess my website) and downloaded a bunch of stuff to look at, like my TA Contest Entry and Bomberman clone. He seemed particularly interested in the bomberman clone; he said he used to love that game.

We also chatted about what project I enjoyed the most and why (I said the TA Contest Entry because it was just fun to code, it came together really well, and it's nicely complete).
One of the guys was particularly interested in my scripting language, and was asking what other scripting languages I know since the job apparently requires quite a lot of MaxScript. I've only really used Lua, and that wasn't for very long. There were a few things I didn't like about it (C binding is a pain in the ass, and I don't really trust other peoples code about speed [Although I know it's not really a problem]), which I told them and they sort of nodded knowingly :P

I got a tour of the studio too, it's a really nice open plan office in a kind of L-shape. There was probably a total of about 100 people working when I was there. I say "Working", but about a third of them were wandering back and forth to the coffee places (of which there are three), or talking to people. It wasn't like everyone was sitting totally engrosed in coding away.

Anyway, that's all I can really think of. I find out in 2 weeks if I got the job. If anyone has any questions or comments of "You shouldn't have said thatm you should have said this" then feel free to leave a comment.
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Sounds very good.

My brother's friend did work experience at Rockstar, said it was really good.

I'd love to work there, but my programming sucks a bit. Not terrible, but is a bit sucky.

All the best.

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Nice work, sounds like that went well enough; hopefully you've got yourself a job.

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