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3rd times the...um...you know...stuff...thing

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I finished the 3rd level today, but I don't have any screenshots yet. You may not realize it but designing levels for Invasion takes quite a bit of time. Sadly, I don't think anyone but me would understand the needlessly complicated system of developing levels I've created.

I spotted two bugs, one of which I've already fixed. One of the bugs was that the game was still reading data off a dead unit. Meaning if you moved your mouse over a dead unit, it would have data about it. I've already fixed this bug.

The second bug is small, but annoying. The bug occurs when a unit starts on some cover. The expected behavior would be that the unit would have extra cover defense from the get go. For some reason, the game does not register cover unless the unit has moved onto the cover, so it won't register if the unit was on cover by default. Luckily, this bug can be easily fixed, and doesn't really apply that much to AI units.
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