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I missed you too.

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Yeah I know I've been delinquent with the entries. Selling rocks all day was taking a lot of my time. But luckily my last day was Tuesday, so I know have some good chunks of time to get some stuff done on the game before school starts. I'm going to do my best to update on a regular basis from now on in order to motivate myself into progressing more and more.

Now for those of you who are curious, my position was as a Masonry Salesman for a retail building supply company. Hence, I sold rocks. I can honestly say that what I've learned from my experience is that retail sucks, especially when you don't work on commission. Ahh well, that's all behind me now (hopefully).

So far today I've been focusing on adding combat abilities to the entities of the game. I got through a few before I realized that I needed to at least stub out other objects in order to make my logic work right. Ahh the Love/Hate relationship I hold with OO programming. After a short break, I'm going to dive back in and fix the mess I've created.
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