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Well, this semester isn't going to be too bad. I really enjoy the classes && instructors && the content; the classes are right on track. I am taking a logic/language proof class, which should be a nice pain in the butt, we'll see.

Student Body Pres emailed all of us about our concerns about the campus... I basically replied about 23k students here, no bowling team (or club) and no game development club. He offered some good insight to the matter and I'll act on it soon enough.

Oh, He also did throw an request for me to me to hop aboard the Student Governing Association on a couple positions. It must have been the Semper Fi in my signature.

1) Central Management Information Systems Advisory Committee
2) Information Resource Management Council

I'm waiting for him to reply back to tell me about the positions a little more, but it sounds like something to do. Only time investment is about 1hr a week.

Calculus (Spring: D ... Fall: Retake)
This is my second time around with this class and I PRAY that things go SMOOTHLY with mr. brain. I'm devoting a LOT more time to this class this time and im going to try to stay on top of it.

The bad thing about math with me is that I could take a Algebra class and nail a B or an A, but when I get into this calc stuff, it just blows me away infront of a firing squad. The bad thing is I (along with a ton of other people considering how bad we did on our placement exams) have a VERY hard time remembering basic stuff. Minipulating functions is just a pain in the ass. I've never been comfortable taking something and breaking it down. If anybody would like to work on some with me, IM ME! ;)

aim: aim marine || yahoo: ildave1 || msn: dlmcgraw@ksu.edu

Oh, and trig. I had a half a semester of trig back in High School (5 years ago).... I really don't want to take it here at the univ, I rather cram it in my brain somehow...

So, My plan is to attend 2 lectures, 1 recitation, and the help sessions 5 times a week. I WILL KNOW Calculus.

... Lecture 1's professor compairs everything to apples. HALARIOUS. He is a total believer about math revolving around apples.

... Lecture 2's professor compairs everything to being drunk (for now atleast), he involves the class (even though it consists of about 250 students), and he is just a crazy mathematician. Awsome fella.

Quite a great atmosphere to learn in. Considering last semester everybody was a mess.

Spring I schooled up on Java
Summer I schooled up on C++
Now Im being schooled in Java again (while trying to stay ontop of C++)

School projects this semester are WAY different then how they did it last semester. Worth a LOT more points (50 (from 10)) and they're considerably larger. Sounds fun though. ;)

Isn't it said that programmers should learn a new language every 6 - 12 months?

I'm Done
Get r Dun

return 0;
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Spring I schooled up on Java
Summer I schooled up on C++
Now Im being schooled in Java again (while trying to stay ontop of C++)

Same here, I switched from Java to C++ about a year ago and now I have to relearn it for my Comp Sci AP class.

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