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Freezer 2: NPCs, corpses and pretty graphics

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Okay. So, I added corpses and the basic NPC code to Freezer 2. So now we have idle NPCs which can be shot and killed, reducing them to corpses, which you can then pick up and lug around.

Corpses bleed out huge blood pools so it's pretty awesome to watch them.

I also added a whack of new tiles to the game so I can try and freshen up the inside of buildings, make them look a little bit different and unique at least.

Next up will be getting the NPCs to walk around and react to my event structure (which is just four simple events: character shot, character killed, character is carrying a corpse around, and character is firing gun). Depending on what 'team' the characters involved are on, and the opinion of the observing NPC towards that team, an observing NPC may choose to take actions such as opening fire or running away. Later advancements may set it up so that if one cop NPC sees another cop shoot someone, they will join in.

Here's a screenshot of my character after shooting an (awfully drawn) corpse. I still need to make sprites for the player when he is lugging a corpse about.

I saw the 4E4 screenshots thread and I think my spirit is completely broken. All of those games look amazing. [grin]
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