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Let There Be Sound

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I finally got the sound implemented into my project. After 4 hours, I have a midi file looping. Using the API to play midi files in .NET is a lot harder than in C++. I really don't know what Microsoft was thinking there. I wound up using the mciSendCommandA API calls to play the MIDI file. The next game is going to be done in DirectX, and from what I understand so far, graphics and sound aren't as hard to deal with (relatively speaking).

I was suprised to see people reading and commenting on my journal. Since people are looking at it, I decided to throw in some screenshots (several comments for that). This is pretty much the polished GUI. The only thing left is the help files. I can't wait to zip it all up and put it up here for people to try out.

Main window

High Score Window

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Recommended Comments

Whoa man, you almost slipped by me :)

As is the tradition with new "journal land"-ers, I will give you my complimentary rating++.

Good luck with your projects, you seem to be on the right track :)

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Heh... I never made a Tetris clone. Maybe I should. But I suppose my current game should be my main focus right now, so maybe after.

It's looking pretty cool, sounds like you're into this whole game development thing. Keep it up, man.

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Well done! I'm about to kick-start a tetris clone myself. :)

Stay motivated!

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