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Oh shit...

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I have an amazing story to share..

So I'm cleaning up my stuff (since I'm moving out and all) and manage to tackle a pile of paper and documents on the top shelf of my desk, where I haven't touched for a couple of years.

Have in mind that I mentioned that I haven't touched this pile for a couple of years. And guess what, in the middle of this mess, I find my ex-gf's driver's license.

Now, I vaguely remember how much she insisted that the license was with me, and how I kept telling her that I don't have it and it's her fault that she didn't take care of it and lost it and yadda yadda... I guess she was right afterall, oops [grin]
I have no idea where she is or what she is doing, so there's a tiny bit of difficulty in returning this. Also, I don't feel like someone saying "oh I told you it was in your room!"

Yeah, errrm, if by some obscure reason, you're still curious about me and somehow managed to find my journal and are reading this, and if you still want your driver's license back, I guess you could message me or something and I'll give it back to you. Though I'm sure you're not reading this, so HAH! YOU'RE NEVER GETTING THAT LICENCE BACK YOU STUPID BITCH!

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I recently lost my license, and I think you might have it. Could I get some photos of the license you found for.. verification?

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the last part was the best. Revenge against ex-gf's is the best. I laughed the other day when I say a tractor trailer nearly run my ex-gf off the road on the highway. That's the best.

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As soon as I find out where you went, I'm getting my license back. There's no way I'm letting you keep it for a day longer.

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Reply to the now-deleted post: As funny as you think you are, it wasn't her license. And I know very well where she is and what she's doing since we still keep in touch.

Nice try, dipshit. Try to choose better jokes next time.

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