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Awright, looks like the rough edges of going to school for the first time are finally settling down. Yesterday was the first day in "Extended Care". Maggie's school day officially ends at 11:30, but she does extended care until about 5:00. That includes lunch, nap, playtime, snack, and the other stuff that you'd expect at a standard day-care.

Despite her crabby insistance that she took a nap yesterday, the ladies in extended care said that Maggie was too excited to actually close her eyes during naptime. Hopefully that excitement will calm down a bit, because she was awfully cranky when we woke her up this morning.

That's another difference between day-care and school. At day-care, our only deadline was to get her there before about 8:45 so she wouldn't miss her bowl of Fruit Loops. Her new school doesn't provide breakfast and requires us to be there at 8, so we now find ourselves having to roll the kid outta bed early to have breakfast at home. It's something we're all gonna have to get used to :)

She also has to get used to bringing a lunch box. She had a lot of fun packing her lunch yesterday morning, but when she came home we found that her snack (some pre-cut apples) was still in her lunchbox and unopened. When we asked why she didn't eat her apples, she said that she wanted to save them to eat after dinner.

We'll see if the grasps the zen of brown-bagging today.

The the newly opensourced screenweaver is about ready to get. I better see some cool desktop widgets done with it.

Finally I need you folks to keep me honest. I'm working on putting together a system to buy games from www.thecodezone.com. Don't let me get sidetracked. If I go a couple of weeks without something to show off, it's because I'm being a flake. Poke me with a stick if I lose focus.
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