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Okay, so I'm working on a game design for a fairly large project. It's more or less a collectible card game, with RPG elements (more on this sometime later).

My biggest question is this: turn-based, or real-time?

I should probably explain the dynamics of the game a bit more. You play in 3rd person perspective, controlling a sorcerer of some type who has a deck of cards (hence the CCG element), and uses them to attack the opponent. Across the "battlefield" is another sorcerer who is doing the same thing. Creatures are summoned, spells are cast, etc..

In games such as Magic: The Gathering, I didn't really care for the way spells were dealt with in the turn-based aspect. I think that if I go for the real-time route, the game will be (somewhat) more realistic, and probably more fun, but I'm not sure. I don't want the wrong type of play to destroy this :-/.

Turn based would allow more tactical strategy I think, but real-time would allow for faster action and quicker game-play.
Which would you all prefer? I'm stuck between the two.

I'll post some mock-up diagrams later to further explain the layout of the playing area.
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A good question that you may wish to ask yourself, is can you have real time interaction with a card game? Traditionally games that deal with cards or board pieces are turned base. If you managed to create a real time system with cards, it would be innovative, but very challenging to have fair play and a well balanced system. Imagine how it would work.

Player 1 : I play my .. Player 2: I attack first and destroy any attempt you make..

Very crude approach here, but effectively it comes to be more like a game of Speed, or Slap Jack, which are the only two card games that come close to a real time approach(that I can think of). However you decide to approach the problem, good luck.

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