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I got my birthday present in the mail today...muahaha

It's pretty cool, except that the handle is plastic, and the clip isn't actual size. It does shoot 9mm blanks...it will be a while until I can actually test that out though :-/

The paint job was pretty lame when I got it, I touched it up a little to get rid of some problems it had....it's almost like it was refurbished...I dunno...I'm pretty happy with it now though, it ran me about $135 bucks + shipping.

I was playing around with the digi cam earlier and got some pics

Me playing Doom in my apartment...errr...office...same thing ;-)

This is where all the magic happens ;-)

Alright, I'm procrastinating...I gotta get back on the game :-)

[edit] One more..."Dan Payne" ;-)

- Dan
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Thats pretty cool, I like the DOOM pic, it actually looks pretty similar. Man, now I want a replica P90 so I can mess around in my house too...

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Pics look cool, but what is really the difference in the gun if it can shoot blanks? I thought a blank cartridge was just like a real one minus the actual bullet. If it can shoot blanks, why won't it be able to shoot real ones? Still cool though [grin].

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Well this gun can only shoot blanks, the barrel is blocked about half way, there's a hole for the gas to go out of. I guess it might need a special type of blank...but the shells come out of the side, and it probably looks badass. I'll test it out someday :-D

/me gets drunk, turns off all the lights, and wastes 4 hours "hunting demons" around the apartment with a flashlight.

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/me gets drunk, turns off all the lights, and wastes 4 hours "hunting demons" around the apartment with a flashlight.

ROFL! Sounds like a productive day.

By the way, Nice freaking PC set-up! _I_ need to get something like that going. ;)


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Good question...that door is crazy, it's like a little coat closet. I have a walkin closet on the other wall, I have no idea why they put that little closet there. I just put boxes of shit in there, it goes pretty far into the wall.

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Ah yes, my deer's blood shrine...I pay tribute to the jager gods nightly ;-)

I was gonna get a $300 dollar jager dispenser instead of the gun, but eh...I went with the gun. I'll have one of these some day....

If you're a jagermeister fan, check it out http://www.tapmachine.com

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