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ITS A TRAP!!!11!1!

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I planning on releasing a new demo for Invasion soon. By soon, I mean tomorrow or sometime this week. I can't really imagine what to do with the game beside make more levels, so I thought I might as well show it off. Although, come to think of it, I still need to make a little in game tutorial on how to play. The readme should suffice for now, though.

My quest to get Advance Wars: DS still continues. You would think I would have it by now, but that isn't the case. Apparently, the local EB was sold out. It only had 4 copies, and all of them were gone before I had a chance.[sad] Oh well, I'm going to try and pick it up tomorrow.

I've been becoming more interested in strategy games lately, namely PC ones. I've downloaded quite a few demos from Gamespot. The one I liked the most was Warhammer 40K dawn of war. I found a really great deal for the game ($16) so I ordered it. Having played some Warhammer before (not much though) I will at least understand the source material.

On a totally unrelated note, some interesting stuff about the doom engine here, if you're interested.
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My favorite part of the site is the bugs section, because with some of the bugs, they show you where in the code the bug takes place.

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