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Arrrggggg D3DX

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// Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
// File: d3dx9core.h
// Content: D3DX core types and functions
#ifndef DrawText
#ifdef UNICODE
#define DrawText DrawTextW
#define DrawText DrawTextA

I was working on a 3D font class system to render cstyle strings and unicode to the screen using D3DX. My first tip off that something was amiss was when Intellisense broke down while programming. Complaing to some people in #gamedev, and further looking at the problem I found that it was thought a good idea to create this nice little define.

Of course I was programming a function DrawText in one of my classes.

I'm working on getting something for PHIL for sunday, and I'll also be at work saturday, and possibly (probably) sunday. I've got a few things besides exploring Alpha to tie up. One of them is for Oluseyi my ideas about realational CMS systems. Something else is I'm thinking about doing another tutorial. Probably in BREW, which means it'll be long and boring and no one will care about it. Also, on tap is setting up a linux box for cross platform development on my framework and exploring ANT.
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