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Light in August

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So it's the end of August, so its time for my yearly hobby project evaluation.

Ok, Seventh Star: I think I can still hit the August 2012 release date if I don't get too side tracked and my proof of concept apps go well. That's a really huge if. Of course, the Seventh Star project will be somewhat cut down from the original. This first third of the game, the part involving the more ambitious dynamic iteractive storytelling aspects has gotten the axe, and the last third doesn't make too much sense without the first third, so it's gone too. This leaves the center of the original story, plus an abbriviated lead in section. Fotunately the middle third is still suffieicenly epic to justify the ten year time line I've given the project.

Articles: This has gone a lot slower than I expected, primarily because I don't want to produce voodoo programming articles. I think I'm going to have to scale back the ambitions for quantity production, or possibly focus more on sweet snippet style articles.

The Incredible Edible Cow: Production of animation frames is going much slower than I anticipated, even as I'm getting more used to Inkscape. I think I may be able to finish by the end of the year. Which pretty much means I won't be able to finish in time for the 4E4 contest. Not a big loss, since the primary goal was proof of concept for technolgies for Seventh Star, and so far I seem to meeting that. Of course there is one technical stumbling block:

SVG Rendering: At this point, I've gotten a working system rendering SVG from ImageMagick, but my memory usage in the Incredible Edible Cow is too high for the kind of game that it is, and it'll be even worse for Seventh Star, since my graphics requirements will be higher there. So I think I need to bite the bullet and finally write my own SVG renderer so I can render directly to surfaces. It'll probably be a LGPL library written in C++ based off of librsvg that will render to SDL surfaces.

Dodecahellspawn: I just need to finish this and get it out of the way so I don't have bits and pieces of old projects following me around. Right now the only major piece of functionality I'm missing is a real solver (instead of the infinite undo stack method).

Personal Wiki: Dead. Dound a way to run Dokuwiki off a USB pendrive, which does pretty much everything I wanted in a portable form, so no need to continue with the project.

Cant: My C++ dialect project. Basically, work done as inspiration strikes. Still in the early design phases. Inspired by a passage in D&E where Stroustrup says that the semantics of C++ are cleaner than its syntax. The goal is to create a dialect of C++ with more or less the same semantics but a cleaner syntax. No, I don't expect this to be a C++ killer, this is for fun.

Titanic: Python interpreter project. Also not high priority. Just for fun.

Overall, not exactly where I wanted to be, but it's still workable.

Oh, and the name of Cant comes from the the mean of the word cant as a special vocabulary peculiar to the members of an underworld group/argot.
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