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off and running

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Running the network works! Also, it's all hooked up to the display, so you can watch nodes change color as their level of activation changes.

So far I have a simple repeater network running. It's a network with a chain of nodes, and the last node inhibits the first item. So these nodes alternate between on & off with a period equal to the length of the chain.

I'm going to start making more complex networks, but this requires work on multiple fronts. One, the editor will continue to need improvements that allow me to do the things I want. And two, I need to figure out how the hell to make anything that actually does something useful. After all, this project is simultaneously a learning experience, it's me learning how to make an ANN by hand.

I would post a screenshot, but a single image wouldn't really do it justice. It's something you have to watch in action. Once the thing is more polished, I'm going to upload an applet version, or a webstart app.

As expected, I'm thinking of more features as I go. One thing that I definitely want is the ability to edit the network as it's being run. Since I'm trying to keep the executed network as seperate as possible from the main app (the same model that typical programming languages use, the debug build is seperate from, but connected to, the IDE), this will add a layer of complexity to things.
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