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Dreamcast dev

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So today I got bored and poked around the DC dev tools. Within a couple of hours I had a basic space invaders prototype game up and running. I say game, there's no user input, but the aliens move in patterns and all that funk. I must say though, seeing my shitty little sprite buzzing around my TV powered by Sega's best console hardware is a real thrill ;)

The demo is coded in C98 - I realised that aside from the STL and templates, I think I may actually prefer coding in C to C++. I've not sure why, but the whole thing just 'feels' simpler and more intuitive. I've not coding like a moron either, I have separated my code into 'classes', using prefixed functions and public/private function declarations. All the entities think, move and react via callbacks, it's nicely generic and works like a dream - and it feels as if I got to the same position in half the time that I would have in C++.

I wonder, does C++ force us to think of architectures more and punish us harder for making mistakes? After today's coding it certainly felt that way...

Anyway, I'm moving again in 2 days. This current flat didn't pan out so well, so after 2 months here it's time to go again. I don't know when I'll next have the internet, but I'm not around much anymore so it's not really that big of a deal ;)
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