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Progress Update

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I've switched gears over the past two days back to the basics. I'm working on getting the actual board rendered on screen again. Why am I doing this gain? Well the original code was just a very quick demo. Now that I'm in a full blown alpha stage, I am potentially creating code that will be in the release version of the project, and that means creating a solid foundation.

Everything was going smoothly until I realized I had a problem. In the original demo I was calling drawprimitive() for every tile I was rendering on the board. I can't even imagine the performance hit I was creating with 1024 possible calls to drawprimitive() per frame. Yeck. So I decided I'd throw an entire map into a single vertexbuffer, thus reducing my overall calls to one. However bells imediately went off in my head. My largest map size will be 128x128 tiles. That's a crap load of tiles, with 2 polys per tile. Wasting 20,0000 unnecessary polygon draws makes me cry so now my next step is to create a simple octree of sorts. My plan is to split every map into 16x16 tile sectors. This will give me 512 polys per sector max (some tiles will be empty, containing no polys, or will be obscured). Then I will render a max of 9 sectors at once based on the camera's position. That would be a max of 4608 polys spread over 9 drawprimitive calls. I could cut my sectors down to a 8x8, Thus reducing my calls to 64 polys, but I will have draw more sectors, calling drawprimitive() more times. Yeesh. Ahh well, nothing to do but to try it. Back to the grind after I snoop around my fellow devs' journals.
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That sounds like a very good idea to help performance. I used to break up my world into similar sized tiles using an octtree.

Now I do something similar, but I allow the tiles to be different sizes depending on triangle density more than volume.

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