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And so the journey begins....

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Ok this is my 2nd time doing GDNET. I missed it so much I am back into it again :P. Ok so here is what is on my mind. Originally some people may have seen me post about wanting to make numerous types of engines. From 2D to 2D isometric. Well none of them are getting made. Currently my task is to learn as much about Managed Direct X using C# as much as possible. So for a little bit you will hear some quirks of learning and my thoughts on other programming topics that I come to think of. Once I get a good grip on MDX I am going to start a engine. This engine will be a 3D engine and I don't know what I am going to name it yet. Once that time comes you will begin to see design then implementation progress along with my thoughts on programming topics ect....... Ok now a little about me.

Currently I am transfuring colleges. From University of Scranton to Penn State University. I was studying Computer Information Systems and now I will be studying Information Systems and Technology. Really they are the same thing so it really does not matter. I am going on my Second year of college and have a huge passion for the games industry. I am not however planning on getting hired by a game company. If I do decide to get into the industry I will do it on my own efforts of my own indi company. As for languages I know quite a few and am good with all them and can make them do what I need done. VB5/VB6, Java, C++, C#, VB.Net. I only am good with those ones lol. I hate the VB's due to ugly syntax. I also don't like java at all. I love C++ and C# but I like C# more then C++.

That is all nothing more to say :P.
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