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I be's bummed

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A while back I was a bit dismayed at Corel's purchase of Jasc, and I hoped that it wouldn't bode poorly for the future of my bitmap editor of choice, Paint Shop Pro.

They just announced version 10 of PSP, dubbed "Paint Shop Pro X", and it looks like my fears are coming true. Of their "top ten improvements", only one is even the slightest bit compelling, and that's their boast of improved performance. The rest are filter-tweaks, some new wizards (John waves his finger thusly to indicate "big whoop"), some third-party tutorials, and some "all new special effects" (read: clipart).

Strangely, the Paint Shop Pro X page has disappeared from the web. If you search for "Paint Shop Pro X" on Google, the top link no longer goes to the new product page. You can read the cached page if you wanna be as impressed as I am.

I ain't feeling the pull to upgrade.
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A while back I read in one of their forums that they were considering going to 16 bit or floating point for their internal format to improve the quality of layering effects in a pipeline. If that's the case I'd seriously consider an upgrade but I don't see it in the google cache of the offer.

Never mind, I saw that they're giving away a free camera strap. I just pre-ordered mine. You'd be a fool not to do it.

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Would you ever consider switching to Photoshop? It's expensive, but bound to be cheaper in the US.

Or you could try The GIMP or something completely new.

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I'm trying to figure out how to do website payments. I'm working on it, really. I promise.

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