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Wrapping the first IGF entry up.

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I could really work on this game forever :-D

I just watched the Dick Tracy movie made back in 1990 (Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, Madonna, etc.) I really enjoy that movie, and it gave me some ideas about my game...I'm setting up the illegal business stuff today.

It turns out I can resubmit a version to the IGF around October sometime, hopefully I'll have a lot more cooler stuff in then. Still this version should get the job done, given that they accept beta versions at this stage.

I've got the traffic doin' it's thing, here's an image of a traffic car with debug information shown.

If I can just be accepted as a finalist at the IGF I'll be a happy camper :-D

Still, I'm getting a ton of happiness out of just playing the game now...I can't wait to get it into beta testing and see what other people think!

When you die, the camera circles you and the cops walk up to your dead body...it looks awesome in motion @ 1280x1024 :-D

Alright, I'm off to add numbers rackets, gambling, prostitution, safehouses, warehouses...all that good stuff into the game.

- Dan
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What the heck dude? Is that your game? Looks freaking awesome (esp second screnshot), and if it's not, well, still looks awesome [grin] *Bookmarks journal to read when less sleepy* I think you've got my attention.

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Oh yeah, well ... I can texture a quad. OHHHHH SNAP!

OH YEAH... I can twittle my thumbs and walk to school... >humph<

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