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Website coming soon

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This week end, i've been mostly working on a website for Infinity. I'm planning to open it sometime during the next week. I have upgraded my web host account to support a higher bandwidth (i now have a 2 Gb disk + 60 Gb traffic account). I designed it myself with my small programmer's hands, and i'm pretty happy with the result. Here is an early prototype:

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That's purty. Whenever I try to make webpages they usually turn out terrible.

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As always it looks great! Only thing I would say is that the right seems empty (maybe some in game interface display). Also I'm assuming that "Gameplay" is a link to game guide, you might want to use different term, since the site seems more geared towards players that aren't devs.

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Ya know, I've never played an MMO, but you just might make me a convert. [smile]

Although, I must beg you to consider lots of different ways to bring players together (like scripted events, bounties or missions) if you haven't done so already. If the universe is big enough, it will get awful lonely unless there's a constant reason to keep encountering other players.

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You're making a good point, and that's one of the "unknowns" that will have to be determined in some sort of beta-test. In such a big universe, if all players are spread over the galaxy, they'll never meet each other.

That's why, although i plan to have billions of systems to explore, only a few hundred of them will be inhabited, with cities or space stations. Players will be able to colonize new planets, but as this is supposed to be pretty hard and slow, i guess this will help to keep the population density concentrated in a few systems only.. much like cities in a standard fantasy RPG.

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