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It's been a very lonnng time since I updated this job.

Many a things have been happening, lots of them in fact game dev related. I started making flash games for a childrens website, and that certainly has been an experience. I dont know if I really like ActionScript all that much. It seems not as..er..cool..as C++. I think i just need to get used to it or something..flash is nice though because the actual amount of code i have to write is very very small. Me = happy.

In other news, I have been working for a while on my estranged OpenGL top down shooter. It has been an abseloute blast. I love learning about this stuff, it is hard as hell and it makes it fun. OpenGL itself isnt that hard, but figuring out how to incorporate that into the rest of the code can be a problem. Ya live ya learn.

On the OpenGL note, I enrolled in the OpenGL 3D class at GameInstitute.com...that is freakin sweet. It's not hard, and you have another forum to ask questions on..and it's like audio lectures with powerpoint, then they give you sample code and have you finish it. I have learned quite a bit in only a couple of lessons. I'm glad i signed up, and would reccomend it to anyone that is interested.

Classes at JCCC are aright. I am taking composition, psychology, internet tech, and game creation. game creation is quite possible the biggest waste of air for a game development class i have ever seen. we are doing stuff like click and drag..getting the 'basics' down. gamemaker sucks balls by the way. anyway, off my rant..i will probably talk to the dean and see if i can transfer into a programming and/or game design class. we will see.

Whew. My GDNet subscription expires in three days..I figure I probably should go ahead and renew it hehe.

Aright, back to the real world.


ps. Ubuntu Linux is freakin incredible.
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