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Redesign. Again.

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Okay, so, I came to grips with the fact that I really didin't like the new website template. It was lacking the light side of MW, so I set out to make the final templated based on what I think I wan't from it.

It will still need a border of some kind i think, unless i fade out the edges, which might be cool.

And here it is!

comments please =)
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I like it way better than the one on the website right now. It looks very professional IMO.

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Looks outstanding, blends in very well.

What does it look like to fade Morning behind the word 'HOME' (the one where she is leaning against the wall with the orb) and perhaps you could fade out a bookshelf behind 'SUPPORT'.

Just to add a little more eye appealing spice. :)

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I'd personnally be worried about putting text on that back ground. Anytime you have text on a pattern it will be harder to read. I might work since the background isn't very bright, but its quite detailed and busy is it could make it look cluttered.

Overall it looks nice, but I think I like the first concept you had (with the icon buttons) that seemed clean and would allow for easy to read information.

In the header section I think you need to do something about the outer-glow getting cut off, you could put a border around it, but I would guess that it would just get cut off at the border.

These are just suggestions, I am not a designer myself so you can take what I say with a grain of salt.

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Wow...title looks much crisper with a fresh feel to it which I like!.

Your icons for 'Home' etc may be a bit too bright, being just plain white - I would suggest some sort of hue in them.

The background, I feel, is a bit cluttered and would detract away from any text you plan to put on it - my only suggestion here would be either to tone it down or just have it to frame the page.

All in all, though, much better than before :)

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