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evoInvaders 0.1

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Well before I go offline for a few weeks (until we get t'in installed in the new flat) I thought I'd drop in and leave you some of the code I've been playing with this weekend...

evo Invaders 0.1

I give you evoInvaders 0.1, the semi-complete space invaders clone I've been messing around with.

Marvel at the shitty graphics and the poor sound & collision detection!

The archive includes:
  • Full source code (C98 only guys :P)
  • Dreamcast compiled ELFs (PAL/NTSC)
  • Win32 compiled EXE

    To use the Dreamcast version you'll need:
    a) A Dreamcast
    b) A Coder's Cable & dc-tool 1.03
    or c) a way of burning the ELF to a bootable CD


    DC: DPad L/R to move, A to fire
    Win32: Keypay L/R to move, SPACE to fire

    Note that the aliens will ever die, but they will in the next release...
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    It's on hold because SpiderMonkey pisses me off!

    I'm having crashes due to the SpiderMonkey GC and I just can't resolve it; ironic because I'm not doing anything 'wrong' as far as I can tell.

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